What is BodyTalk™?

The Basics: 

Let’s begin by stating what it is not.  BodyTalk™ is neither massage nor psychotherapy, though it can be both relaxing and therapeutic.  Neither is it a medical procedure (in the Western medical paradigm), though it can most certainly impact your physical health.  In the BodyTalk™ system, there is no agenda, no prescribing, or diagnosing.

BodyTalk™ is a technique of listening deeply to the wisdom of each person’s inborn and always present intelligence—allowing that innate intelligence to direct both client and practitioner (you and me) to assist communication and balance within the whole person—body, mind and spirit. We look for priorities in this moment in time to address physical, mental, emotional, consciousness and spiritual issues. Often, what the body/mind reveals as a priority is quite different than what you may think. BodyTalk™ bypasses the thinking mind and addresses underlying factors.

The Body as Healer:

Like the many instruments and artists in an orchestra that create harmony when all play the same score, human beings have many parts with multiple functions that are designed to be in communication. When all parts are “talking,” we create well-being and optimum health. Continuing with the orchestra analogy, if one artist and his or her instrument falls out of rhythm with the rest, or begins playing a different piece of music, dissonance or disharmony ensues. Likewise, when different parts of the body/mind disconnect or become out of sync, imbalance or a lack of health can result.

Humans are designed to be self-healing and the body/mind is naturally always seeking equilibrium. For example, it is not our mind or will that causes our blood cells to coagulate and create a scab when we sustain a cut or scrape. It is the innate intelligence that instigates the automatic healing process. Why, then, do we become imbalanced or unwell? The simple answer is stress. The elements that create stress can be complex and vary from person to person. Stress and how we perceive events can be the result of hidden or unconscious beliefs and early conditioning by teachers, parents or experiences. Stress can result from environmental factors such as chemical exposure, other pollutants or electromagnetic fields.  Energetically sensitive people can experience stress just being in the presence of others who may be anxious, sad, angry, etc.

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Julie’s BodyTalk™ sessions have had a profound effect on me.  Each session has felt like several (if not many) psychotherapy sessions rolled into one, with my body telling us EXACTLY what needed to be done - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Julie is an extremely talented practitioner, who cares deeply about her clients.  That is quite obvious the minute you meet her, and then in her care and guidance throughout each session.  I cannot express enough my deep gratitude to Julie for her beautiful talent shining through in this type of session, and how it has helped me live a life that feels more full, complete and authentic.  Lastly, Julie has proven to me that the body is extremely wise, and if you just listen to it, (and for most of us that takes a facilitator like Julie) the body will give us all of the answers to live a more full and completely satisfying life.
— Jen, Durango, CO