The cost per session is a sliding scale based on ability to pay. The range is $75.00 to $125. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.


Discounts available with the purchase of multiple session packages. 

Distance sessions also available. Please call Julie for more information.

Preparing for your Session:

For your first session, please allow 1 1/2 hours for BodyTalk™.  Sessions thereafter (including Qigong) require about an hour.  It is helpful for you to wear comfortable clothing, including socks if your feet tend to get cold and no metal jewelry, belt buckles, etc.

It is suggested that you be well-hydrated and nourished before your session, avoid caffeine and plan to eat a good "grounding" meal after the session.  

It’s also helpful to have a little quiet time and perhaps a walk outside for a smooth transition.

What to Expect During a BodyTalk™ or Qigong Session: 

To begin, you recline on my massage table, fully clothed and we make adjustments to make you comfortable with blankets, a bolster under your knees, whatever is needed.  I sit at your side, with one hand lightly touching your arm and the other resting lightly on your abdomen. I take a couple of minutes to settle in, to center and ground myself.  I silently ask to be led and guided on your behalf for your highest good. 

In BodyTalk™, neuromuscular biofeedback or a gentle muscle checking is used to communicate with your body/mind. I apply a light pressure to the inside of your wrist and silently ask your body/mind to show me a “yes” and a “no.”  A “yes” will feel looser or without resistance. A “no” produces some muscle tightness or tension.  I do this a few times to calibrate and feel a clear response. (Note: The highest level of accuracy expected with muscle checking is 70-80%.  In the BodyTalk™ system, when the links are accurate, shifts occur. When there is error, nothing happens.) 

I then begin exploring by following the complex BodyTalk™ procedural chart, silently asking “what is a priority” to facilitate optimal balance, harmony and communication between all parts of your being. Once the left brain (or thinking mind) has it’s “job” exploring the chart, right-brain creative/intuitive information comes in. For a simple example, your body/mind may take me to liver as a priority. I then ask if there are details about the liver (this is where more intuitive information comes in) and then if there is another “link.” Your body/mind may show that the communication or link is disrupted between the liver and the gallbladder.  When a link is complete, I then “tap out” the link. 

BodyTalk™ employs a light tapping procedure across both hemispheres of the brain to stimulate the neuropathways, as if saying, “Wake up and pay attention, Brain. Liver needs to communicate with the Gallbladder, remember”?  Tapping also begins the process of moving the energy.  (Some people may experience a physical sensation of energy moving during a session.)  I then tap lightly in the area of the heart to help the body/mind “store” the reset or new information. There is much research now validating that information is stored within the heart complex and the heart disseminates information to the rest of the body/mind. We even have confirmation in our everyday language when we say, “I know that by heart.”

During a Red Hat Lineage Qigong session, you will be seated comfortable in a chair. Using hands both above and lightly touching the body, we balance and clear the chakras, meridians and the brain. Once everything is “flowing,” we then invite in clean yang (revitalizing and empowering) energy and clean yin (nourishing and replenishing) energy. The session concludes with connecting body, mind and spirit and grounding all three.

What to Expect After a BodyTalk™ or Qigong Session: 

At the very least, you can expect to feel much more relaxed and clear than when you first came in. You may experience compassion for yourself, simply for your human experience and ways of coping. Sometimes, the shifts feel subtle as though you are seeing through a window that was dirty for years, but is now clean. Days or even weeks later, you may experience some “a-ha” moments,  perhaps “connecting the dots” where before, you just had a nagging suspicion about something, but no real clarity. 

Many times, persistent pain simply disappears or you may experience a feeling of more energy. Sometimes, the changes are dramatic when you’ve moved or cleared “blocked” energy and you suddenly feel courageous enough to make big changes. Listening deeply to the innate wisdom of your own being is a powerful way to live with more energy, ease and a deep sense of well-being, regardless of the ebb and flow of life.

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Personal characteristics are of extreme importance for any professional, but most especially when we put ourselves in that sacred trust circle with a healer.  You will be relieved to know that a session with Julie Gentry’s BodyTalk™ will fill you with an immediate sense of safety with her amazing, gifted hands and cosmic heart-connected power to heal your emotional, spiritual and physical wounds.  You will find freedom from unconscious negative forces and be surprised and delighted when those forces are transformed into love, compassion (for self and others)  creativity and the joy of life.  You never need worry about confidential matters as her ethical system is as trustworthy as her heart.
— Veryl Rosenbaum
Psychoanalyst, Author, Artist
Ignacio, Colorado