Talking Bodies

In our everyday language, we talk about our body and our awareness of what it communicates.

Have you ever used the phrases, "he/she is a pain in my neck, "that just makes me sick to my stomach," "oh, that really sticks in my craw"? I know I have, long before doing BodyTalk™ work. Our bodies are constantly communicating, but we don't always notice until things get really loud and show up as serious illness or injury. By truly listening and paying attention, we give ourselves the opportunity to choose more wisely for our health and well-being. Maybe that pain in the neck is our innate wisdom guiding us to either shift our perception or make changes in that relationship. Perhaps when your stomach aches after a stressful encounter, you are over-riding your gut instincts. Something stuck in your "craw"? Do you need to honor yourself by respectfully speaking your truth?

We also speak in more positive terms of our bodies/beings when we experience feelings of joy, gratitude, health and well-being (or when we encounter others experiencing those states).  Regarding the new bride or the pregnant mother-to-be, we say, “She is so radiant,” or “she is just glowing”!  When we encounter the ecstatic man who just exceeded his personal best in a race, we might say, “Wow, he just exudes energy and enthusiasm”!

We each possess innate wisdom and our bodies are always communicating our state of affairs. BodyTalk™.  Are you listening?